Things to do in Roatan, Honduras: Part 1

1. Spend time underwater

As with Mexico, Honduras also hosts a significant portion of the Meso-American Reef and you can’t go wrong with a scuba diving or snorkelling excursion. For people who aren’t certified, there’s also a snuba, which gives you the freedom to explore deeper than snorkelling without the hassle of dragging around an oxygen tank. There is also the option of B.O.S.S. excursion, (breathing observation submersible scooter) which is like snorkelling, but doesn’t require you to propel yourself through swimming. 

2. Spend time on the water

From rowing on a glass-bottom kayak and riding on a glass bottom boat, to sailing on a catamaran or jet-skiing over turquoise waters, Roatan is the perfect place to spend a day on the water. The year-round tropical climate also makes it too hot for traditional sightseeing, and even in December, walking for any stretch of time had us searching for a pool or beach to cool off in. 

3. Go horse riding

One of the popular tours on the island is horse riding on the beach. Depending on the experience of the group, you may spend the time trotting at a leisurely pace or speeding through waist high water. Either way, it is one of the most picturesque rides you’ll experience.

4. Explore the jungle


Zipline tours are extremely popular on the island, allowing you the opportunity to fly through trees in lush jungles, and find a new perspective from which to appreciate the beauty of the island. All terrain vehicles are also available, and if you’re lucky enough to visit after a good rain, the mud just adds to the fun! The ziplines are often combined with ATV adventures, or either can be done on its own, for a full day of adventure. 

5. Explore the island

Taking a tour of the island is a great way to experience local culture and food, while allowing you to learn about the history and customs of the island. It is also a very scenic island, with lush green jungles framed by turquoise waters and there are photo-ops abound at all corners. 

6. Relax at the port

Mahogany Bay port is a lovely place to relax, with a beach club and watersports on offer, in addition to some reasonably priced stores. There is also a chairlift from the port to the beach club, which is a nice experience, and saves you the hassle of walking in the heat. A lot of the ride goes over land, and only a small portion takes you over the clear waters. Some people reported sightings of manta rays and dolphins, but we only saw tons of seagrass and some tiny fish. It gets hot, and there’s no shade on the ride, but there are lovely cooling water sprays in the chairlift queue. The bright side is that once you buy a chairlift ticket, you can ride it as many times as you like, all day.

5 things to do in

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