Ultimate Trip Planning Guide Part 1: Choosing a Destination

Planning a trip should be a fun experience, but with the myriad of options and things to consider before taking the plunge, it can sometimes turn into a stressful chore that doesn’t seem worth the effort. But seeing new places and immersing yourself in new environments are experiences you shouldn’t miss out on just because you’re overwhelmed with all the information out there. We’ve created this guide to help take the stress out of choosing your destination.

Turkey Travel Guide

A country straddling two diverse continents, struggling to define its identity for centuries, steeped in history, and blessed with otherworldly landscapes certainly makes for an intriguing voyage. Torn between its oriental and occidental cultures, it is a continually shifting civilisation, which has played pivotal roles in many of history’s most critical events. After dreaming about this destination for years, we finally had the opportunity to visit, and before we had even left, we were already mentally planning our next trip to this wonderful country. 

Travelling through Morocco on a guided tour

When we saw a special from ITT for a guided tour of Morocco, our curiosity was peaked. Neither of us had been on a guided holiday before, usually preferring to find our way through foreign lands independently, but decided to give it a go, hoping to benefit from the knowledge of local guides. While it had some pros, after this trip we decided that organised travel isn’t for us, and we’ve shared some of our thoughts below. 

Ultimate Packing Guide Part 2: Essentials for Muslim Travellers

When it comes to packing for a trip, it’s easy to forget or overlook some of the basic things we use everyday. Sometimes, the challenge is not necessarily forgetting, but finding pretty, compact versions of common items that are easy to pack, or not knowing the alternatives exist! See below for our guide on essentials for Muslim travellers. 

Ultimate Packing Guide

With rising baggage fees and whirlwind trips through multiple destinations, learning to pack efficiently is an essential skill for any traveller. Whether you’re planning on living out of a carry-on for two weeks, or visiting places with different climates, this article will help you to pack like a pro.