Ultimate Packing Guide Part 2: Essentials for Muslim Travellers

When it comes to packing for a trip, it’s easy to forget or overlook some of the basic things we use everyday. Sometimes, the challenge is not necessarily forgetting, but finding pretty, compact versions of common items that are easy to pack, or not knowing the alternatives exist! See below for our guide on essentials for Muslim travellers. 

Scuba Diving in Costa Maya

We chose to book a certified, two-tank scuba dive through Carnival, who contracted Dreamtime Dive Resort for the excursion. Our group was small, with only four divers, one divemaster, and a one trainee dive master, along with a captain to sail us out to the most beautiful reef. If you aren’t certified, you can also do an introductory dive so that you don’t miss out on the experience. 

Things to do in Costa Maya

Costa Maya is home to part of the second largest coral reef system in the world, the Meso-American Reef Sharing the reef with neighbouring Honduras and Belize, all of these destinations are havens for underwater exploration. From snorkelling and scuba diving, to exploring the seas on a kayak or catamaran, a day on the water is the best way to spend your time in port.

Things to do in New Orleans

While most people seem to visit New Orleans for the opportunity to drink on street corners, there’s so much more to the Crescent City than getting drunk and listening to jazz. While the party rages on Bourbon Street at all hours, venture further afield and you’ll find that there’s art and culture, food and nature, and a history that’s richer and more complex than almost any other city in the United States, all waiting to be discovered. 

Ultimate Packing Guide

With rising baggage fees and whirlwind trips through multiple destinations, learning to pack efficiently is an essential skill for any traveller. Whether you’re planning on living out of a carry-on for two weeks, or visiting places with different climates, this article will help you to pack like a pro.

Books set in New Orleans

A starting point to finding books that capture the culture, history, and essence of the Crescent City, New Orleans.

Learn to Scuba Dive

Below the surface of the earth’s oceans lies another whole world, just waiting to be discovered. From blooming coral reefs and jewel toned fish, to forgotten wrecks and swirling plants, the floors of the sea are full of surprises for anyone willing to venture just a little bit out of their comfort zone. The ticket to these vistas is an open water scuba diver certification, something that is offered all over the world, in cities both coastal and inland.

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton