Turkey Reading List

If our Turkey travel guide piqued your curiosity, and made you want to visit or just learn more about this complicated country, reading some books set in Turkey is the next step. We’ve found that reading native literature makes you aware of a lot of the nuances and cultural issues, while immersing you into hidden worlds. With Turkey’s long and complex history, knowing a bit of history and reading some contemporary works to give you insights into the average citizen’s minds goes a long way in understanding social exchanges when you visit. If you’re just interested in learning more, these books and authors will definitely whet your appetite. 

Turkey Travel Guide

A country straddling two diverse continents, struggling to define its identity for centuries, steeped in history, and blessed with otherworldly landscapes certainly makes for an intriguing voyage. Torn between its oriental and occidental cultures, it is a continually shifting civilisation, which has played pivotal roles in many of history’s most critical events. After dreaming about this destination for years, we finally had the opportunity to visit, and before we had even left, we were already mentally planning our next trip to this wonderful country. 

Finding Peace in Makkah

World Nomads recently ran a travel writing competition that we decided to enter. With three themes to choose from and only 700 words to tell your story, it took us longer to decide on a travel moment to share, than to actually write the piece. Of all the times we made connections with locals, or…

Ultimate Packing Guide Part 2: Essentials for Muslim Travellers

When it comes to packing for a trip, it’s easy to forget or overlook some of the basic things we use everyday. Sometimes, the challenge is not necessarily forgetting, but finding pretty, compact versions of common items that are easy to pack, or not knowing the alternatives exist! See below for our guide on essentials for Muslim travellers.